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Press Office

PRS Media & Creative Communication, has been working for years in this field and has a long term experience with both the traditional and most modern and innovative tools.

The synergy between past and present, tradition and innovation make us capable of delivering strategic and effective strategies consistent with customer goals.

Our services include:

• Preparation of press releases
• Production of accurate media lists
• Release of customized press releases
• Press reviews
• Analysis of press release
• Crisis management

Our services also include:

• Press Tour: visits to editors to present our customers and their products/services
• Press Conferences: events during which company management informs journalists on corporate news
• Open Day: journalists are invited to the company headquarters

Our services are “tailor-made” to match client needs. Each company has its own identity and its own goals to pursue. Whether it is to increase brand awareness, sales or reputation, the quality of our job lies in the ability to choose the most effective tools to make clients reach their target and increase their presence on the market. We carefully plan the strategy, starting from a deep and meticulous study of the company and its field of business. From this starting point, the real activities of the press office start through a series of clear and focused actions involving journalists from the press, TV channels, the web and, last but not least, bloggers.